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Named for La Joie de Vivre, the joy of life.


Poster Cover Pup


As the poster pup for  Dancers Love DogsVivi is famously loved by the dancers in South Africa who dance annual performances free of charge to raise funds for their non-profit. The charity has helped more than 8,000 sheltered dogs since its foundation in May 2012

Vivi greets baby ballerinas on the red carpet

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Very Vivi News

Avanti Greeting Cards licenses Very Vivi's photo for 2015 through 2019 as one of their Mother's Day greeting cards

Vivi's Avanti Card

Vivi the Photographer will appear in a textbook to be published in Italy. More info to come soon.

Vivi The Photographer

Golden Retriever Rescue licenses two of Very Vivi's photos for their 2014 Annual Fund Raising Parties!

Vivi's photo "House Chores Are Done!" appears in The Bark Magazine

"House Chores Are Done" appears in The Bark Magazine

Cesar's Way Magazine Supports Dancers Love Dogs

Cesar's Way Magazine

O'Hanlon Greeting Cards licenses four photographs in UK, France, Switzerland, and Australia

Dog Marley by Vivi

Pawsh Magazine features "Vivi's Ballerina Dreams" story

The Ballet Paws, Pawsh Magazine

"Air Traffic Control, I Have To Catch My Jet" made it to Flickr's Frontpage and reached the Top Ten on 500px.com in the Animal Category

Flickr's Frontpage

"Vivi In The Mist" Wins Recognition Award in Light Space Time Animals photography contest

Vivi in the Mist

Zen Imagery features Vivi & Maddy's story behind the photo, "I Think I Love Her"

I Think I Love Her

The Christmas Issue of the UK Magazine, Dogs Today, features VeryVivi

Dogs Today Magazine, UK
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